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Lithuanian rye bread, Lithuanian dark sourdough bread, Lithuanian scalded dark and light rye bread. These are the basics of Lithuanian - a not very well known, but present - cuisine. And once one visited Lithuania and tried these breads, will have always remembered the unforgettable flavour. But finding Lithuanian bread can be hard abroad, so we decided to open our little "bread boutique" with a wide range of bread - probably the widest range of Lithuanian bread outside Lithuania.  


It has taken us some time to fine-tune our bread selection and logistics, but here we are, seems like it worked. A little bit of our selection: JORĖ dark rye bread was awarded with the 'Best Lithuanian Product' Award in 2011, and the same went for its seeded version too. GUDOBELĖ's light rye bread was the 'Most Popular Lithuanian Product' in 2016, whilst AMŽIAUS dark rye bread received the 'National Heritage Certification'. It looks like our selection has gained your approval, and we're working hard to bring in more options, whilst actively listening listening to our customers recommendations. Latest addition is the BON CHANCE bread crisps in many unforgettable flavours. 

It is common knowledge that rye bread is a part of a healthy diet and it is an important criteria for us too, but we picked bread in our selection mainly for their taste so everyone can find their favourite. 

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Dark bread is so basic! - as in an essential part of Lithuanian cuisine. Whichever you choose, you can't make a bad decision.
All a bit different: one has more 
caraway seeds, the other is a bit more sour, the third one is sweeter, but all full of character. 
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